GUI Calculator [Premium]

It's a calculator in a GUI! Highly configurable and great for economy based servers such as factions and survival.

Reward Codes

A simple yet powerful plugin allowing staff to create rewards that can be received via a command by entering a code.

Craft Extinguisher

Have your players ever had a hard time putting out a fire? Craft Extinguisher is the solution!

Anti TNT Chain

Does TNT constantly lag your server? Well what if you could limit it and prevent large amounts of it from being used at once? Anti TNT Chain is the solution!

Clue Scrolls [Premium]

Clue scrolls is an amazing plugin to use on your factions, survival, prison servers, and more! You can create clues in the config which are used on the scrolls. When a player completes all the clues of a scroll they will receive their rewards.

Force Grow

Tired of waiting for sugar cane, nether warts, melons, pumpkins and cactus to grow? Force grow is the solution! Just use bone meal like regular crops to speed up the growth.

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