Reward Codes

Reward codes is the simple yet powerful plugin for creating rewards that can be received by executing a command with a code. The reward can then send the player a message, execute commands, and even give the player items. You can even set a date for the reward to expire!


  •   1.7+ support
  • Rewards can give items
  • Rewards can execute commands
  • Rewards can send the player a message when executed
  • Custom permission nodes
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Set a date for the reward to expire


  •   rewardcodes.redeem   -- Gives access to use the redeem command
  • rewardcodes.admin   -- Gives access to create rewards using the redeem command
  • rewardcodes.receive.*   -- Gives access to receive all rewards
  • rewardcodes.receive.   -- Used as base of permission to receive a certain reward. The reward code is placed at the end
  • rewardcodes.canCheckForUpdates   -- Alerts the player when an update is available