GUI Calculator

GUI Calculator is the only one of its kind in existance offering a GUI experience. It is easy to use, packed with features and highly configurable for both users and server admins alike.


  •   1.8 and 1.9 support
  • Default banner and glass colors can be set
  • Players can set their own banner and glass colors
  • 26 variables which can be set to something commonly used (Such as setting "z" to 1,000,000)
  • Equation displayed in GUI
  • users.yml is future proof and can be convered automatically to SQL once implemented
  • Custom permission nodes
  • Charge players for each calculation
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Calculator item can be crafted to open the calculator
  • Calculator recipe can be cstomized in config
  • Calculator item can be changed in config
  • All messages and item names can be customized in the lang.yml


Note: All permissions nodes can be changed within the config

  •   GUICalculator.*   -- Gives access to all plugin features
  • GUICalculator.command   -- Gives access to the calculator command
  • GUICalculator.admin   -- Gives access to set the server options via the calculator GUI
  • GUICalculator.options   -- Gives access to the player to set their personal settings via calculator GUI
  • GUICalculator.update   -- Tell the player when there is an update for the plugin avaliable
  • GUICalculator.itemOpen   -- Open the calculator using specified item in the config
  • GUICalculator.itemCraft   -- Allow the player to craft the calculator item