Clue Scrolls

Clue scrolls is an amazing plugin to use on your factions, survival, prison servers, and more! You can create clues in the config which are used on the scrolls. When a player completes all the clues of a scroll they will automatically receive their rewards which are defined with weights via commands. You can even create command rewards which are given to the player as an item and can be executed by the player upon interaction.


  •   1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 support
  • Highly configurable
  • More coming soon


  •   cluescroll.*   -- Gives access to all plugin features
  •   cluescroll.command.*   -- Gives access to all commands
  •   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll help command
  • cluescroll.command.give   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll reload command
  • cluescroll.command.give   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll give command
  • cluescroll.command.give.others   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll give [PlayerName] command
  • cluescroll.command.additem   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll additem command
  • cluescroll.command.addcommand   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll addcommand command
  • cluescroll.command.removereward   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll removereward command
  • cluescroll.command.listrewards   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll listrewards command
  • cluescroll.command.openinv   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll openinv command
  • cluescroll.command.rewardinfo   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll rewardinfo command
  • cluescroll.checkforupdates   -- Alerts the player when updates to the plugin are available
  • cluescroll.command.giveall   -- Gives access to the /cluescroll giveall command